Get off the bench and get in the game with Orangeslices!

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Do your children play league sports? Are you an amateur athlete? There is a new website that helps you to get off the bench and get in the game – Orangeslices

Orangeslices provides an easy and secure way for you or your team, club or league to raise money without requiring athletes to sell raffle tickets or other products door to door or to stage an event, like a car wash. It also allows athletes the ability to instantly reach out to fans anywhere in the world for support.

Orangeslices leverages the power of crowdfunding to help athletes raise money through a simple, three step process:

  • 1.       Set up a team page: Any individual, team, club or league can set up a unique page on Orangeslices in just a few minutes. This page provides information about the person or team, how much money they need to raise, the deadline they’ve set to raise money and what rewards they will give their fans for the money they pledge.
  • 2.       Contact fans to raise money: Orangeslices teams can use Email or any social network like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to reach out to potential fans. All fans have to do is visit the team’s page and pledge money with a credit card. 
  • 3.       Reach your goal: If a team successfully reaches its fundraising goal (or more!) by their chosen deadline, Orangeslices automatically charges all credit cards and sends the money over. If they don’t reach their goal, no one is charged.

Orangeslices is a unique fundraising option for athletes for a number of reasons: 

  • 1.       It draws on the power of the crowd, helping athletes to reach their goals.
  • 2.       A fundraising goal can be set for the whole team or league so that all pledges help all members, rather than just individual players.
  • 3.       Funds can be raised from anyone. Studies from other crowdfunding services have shown that 25-30% of funds raised come from complete strangers in the crowd.
  • 4.       Orangeslices provides a safe, simple, easy way for people to pledge money using their credit cards, so there is no cash transaction and people can pledge as much, or as little, as they choose.

Orangeslices charges a one-time fee of 9% of all funds raised to cover administration and payment processing. So, if you raise $100, their fee is $9 – not bad, eh?

To set up a team page - visit and chose “Submit your Team.” If you’re a sports fan and would like to support a team, choose “Support a Team.”

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